Our Team

Mrs Siobhan Meredith, Headteacher
Mrs Meredith is the Headteacher of Marine Academy Primary and also leads Marine Academy Nursery. Mrs Meredith is one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads on the MAP Campus and is also the Primary SENCO.

Mrs Claire Jones, Nursery and Reception Leader
Mrs. Jones is based at Marine Academy Primary as a Reception teacher but is also the Nursery and Reception Leader. Mrs. Jones is the line manager for all staff working in the Early Years Foundation Stage at the MAP Campus.

Miss Julianne Wickenden, Nursery Teacher
Miss Wickenden has been working at Marine Academy Primary since it opened in September 2013 and is now the Nursery Teacher in the Over 2 Area. Miss Wickenden is a qualified teacher specialising in Early Childhood Studies. Miss Wickenden is also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead at the Nursery.

Mrs Joanne Hamlyn, Nursery Practitioner

Jo is a key worker in the 0-2 provision.

Miss Emma Niles, Nursery Practitioner

Emma is a key worker in the 0-2 provision.

Miss Rachel James, Nursery Practitioner
Rachel joined Marine Academy Nursery initially as an Apprentice and after completing her Level 2 and 3 Diploma’s in Childcare was offered a permanent post. Rachel holds a key person role in the Under 2 Area and is currently completing her Early Years Professional Status degree. Rachel is at the Nursery every morning for Breakfast Club.

Miss Catherine Gibson, Nursery Practitioner

Cat is a practitioner in Class NJW.

Mrs Gemma Warren, Nursery Practitioner.

Gemma holds a keyworker role with the 2 year old children.

Mrs Sarah Ashford, Teaching Assistant

Sarah is the Teaching Assistant supporting learning in Class NJW with Miss Wickenden.