Jash Performance

Year 8: Performance from Jash and online safety talk.

On Tuesday 11th July Year 8 were treated to a performance by Jash. Jash is a singer songwriter who works with many artists such as the Chainsmokers and James Arthur. During the 1 hour session Jash gave advice on how to stay safe online (Never giving out personal information, never meeting strangers online, safety on social network sites, following rules of your parents on the internet etc) as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. He also discussed personal stories- talking about a time he was affected by cyber bullying, how he felt at the time, how he reacted, and the outcome of the situation. Year 8 responded really well to the messages delivered by Jash and were very enthusiastic about helping Jash perform song of his new music, and even joined him on stage!