Student of the Month - Chloe Braid

Chloe was nominated by:


  • Charlotte Varcoe – Chloe has worked extremely hard in health and social care and completed her coursework unit to an excellent standard. Chloe is the first person in the group to complete the unit. She takes a keen interest in all areas of health and social and is a fantastic student to have in the group. Well done Chloe!


  • Denise Carter – Chloe has been just completed an online mentoring programme that involved over 17,000 students across the country. Chloe’s engagement with the project was such that she was nominated as the Mentee of the Year from her mentor. The qualities that were recognised were that Chloe has made a special effort to make the most of the mentoring opportunity, shown outstanding commitment to the project and proactively set challenging goals whilst demonstrating progress towards them.


  • James Yates – Chloe has shown a real improvement during the last couple of terms. Chloe has matured greatly and proved she is capable of making good choices, even in difficult circumstances. She is far more focussed in her studies and is applying herself better across many lessons.